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Sanitation & Public Works

We have partnered with Appalachian Waste Management to conduct all trash pickup and deal with sanitation issues. Garbage pickups are made weekly, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Pickups will be made the next business day after these holidays. Dumpster leases and sales are available to city residents and businesses for larger projects.

Appalachian Waste Management

31 Village Street,
Pikeville, KY 41501


Residential Pickup: $12.75 per month
Commercial Pickup: Amount varies (Please call Appalachian Waste Management for pricing information)
Dumpsters are Available – Call Appalachian Waste Management for pricing information


The city’s finances are a matter of public record and are published after the close of even-numbered fiscal years. Audits are published after odd-numbered fiscal years. An annual city budget is prepared for each fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). The annual budget is adopted and available for publication just prior to the beginning of each fiscal year.

These reports are published to give the public a clear understanding of how tax money is used to improve our community and pay for essential services. If you are interested in additional financial information, it may be made available through Open Records as a request from the City Clerk.

Budgets and Audits are created to provide a summary of city finances and show how revenues are used, and if you require additional financial information, it may be available through Open Records as a request from the City Clerk or by contacting the Mayor, Andrew Scott, at mayorandrewscott@coalrunky.gov

Community Center & City Park

The City of Coal Run allows the rental of public spaces for events and special occasions, subject to the following guidelines.
Coal Run City Park
  • You must call City Hall to reserve and confirm the availability of the park for your event.
  • The rental fee for the park is $10.00 for two (2) hours.
  • If you are reserving the park for an activity, during your reserved time the park will be closed for other similar events. However, the park will not be closed to others who may wish to walk or use the playground while your activity is in progress.
  • Please try to limit the reservations to no more than two hours.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on park premises.
  • Maintain close supervision of any children in your group.
  • No motorized vehicles, skateboards, bicycles, or other wheeled devices or equipment that might cause damage to the walking track are allowed.
  • No pets allowed in the park.
  • Please clean up all areas of the park that you use. Place all garbage in the trash cans and if you have large trash items, take them with you.

Coal Run Community Center

  • To reserve the community center, please contact Jennifer Shepherd at the Coal Run City Hall at jenniferfraley@coalrunky.gov or call 606-437-6032.
  • There is a $50.00 refundable deposit that must be paid within one (1) week of making the reservation.
  • The rental fee must be paid two (2) weeks before the day you have reserved.
  • Times that can be reserved are: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. for a rental fee of $50.00. All day rental is from 9am-10pm for a rental fee of $100.00.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the community center.
  • Please clean up after the event.

You may contact City Hall with any questions for concerns